I have both Residential and Commercial Design Skills.  I have examples of various theoretical projects, including Residential, Commerical and Institutional projects, along with descriptions of the projects and the design inspirations.








β€œThe key to a great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space.” 

-Tony Stavish, Interior Designer.

This idea is the heart of my design style.

Most of my current experience has been educational, although I have had a three-month internship in the corporate environment.  I have also completed a nine-month Thesis project from project development to completed designs and renderings.

The skills needed for Interior Design vary from project to project.  Every designer should be able to show their client the skills they possess that are ideal for the clients design solution.  To see a visual of the skills I posses, please view my skills page.





I design tactile spaces.  By that, I mean that I mix textiles and other materials to create a space that has an aesthetic view enhanced by texture. The spaces change from client to client in order to better suit what my client needs and wants no matter if they are a corporate client or a residential client. In addition, my preferred area of specialization is computer renderings because the best part of client-based designs is showing the client a 3D image of their ideas, and helping them to spatially visualize the environment that is being created for them.