Homestead Ranch is a community within a community. It features dorm-style rooms for individuals and private suites and apartments for families. Around-the-clock security maintains the safety of the community.  Residents travel through the center using pathways through an indoor garden to private living areas.
Counseling offices, an on-site nursing clinic and classrooms are designed for job training and to provide on-campus help for residents to manage the trauma and anger associated with homelessness. A gymnasium and library are designed to keep residents active, especially during winter months.
In addition, various aspects of Homestead Ranch are designed to give residents a feeling of purpose and a sense that they are giving back to the community in which they live, such as community kitchens, and dining areas throughout the garden, allowing for a more community-driven feeling.
A garden and livestock pen run completely through resident labor helps lessen the center’s carbon footprint as well as its food supply costs, while also providing residents with on-campus work. This feature, as well as the use of sustainable materials and D.I.R.T.T Wall systems, contribute to LEED.

Homestead Ranch